Funsutra of a Ruined MBA degree is a Blog that narrates story of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P., Love and Life based in a B - school in a university Campus. It is an attempt to bring Campus life to Blog Pages.As the name of the Blog suggests, it will not be giving you any insights into MBA but a glimpse about life inside University gates in an average B - School (strictly not from the upper crust). I chose to narrate this story from Rahul’s eyes, the main character lead, who is an unambitious drifter and lands up in this B - School for fun, frolic, friendship, love and off course the MBA degree! The only reasons that he chose MBA is that one, it is in fashion (soon can be announced as India’s National Degree) and second, in hope that it will land up in a job, paying good BUCKS... Statutory Warning - This blog will not guide you anything related to MBA, getting good grades or Placements, however it can teach you how to screw up your MBA . Read at your own Risk!

How to Describe a Beautiful Girl?

        EPISODE 9 - Angel lands up in Accounts class


One of the hardest realities of being alive is that Mr. Time flies with supersonic speed when you’re having fun, but halts its motion completely during a boring class. Those 60 minutes seem like eternity. For me, the worst part of the degree was attending the Accounts class; it was just like pain in the ass. I had already bunked more than 70 % of the classes in the first 2 weeks itself and I didn’t have the option to bunk anymore as attendance is always in a short supply and according to stats of my accounts professor, now attendance is as vital to my existence as oxygen.

 It was a rainy Monday morning, third week of semester one and with great efforts I managed to park my Ass on the second last bench, corner seat adjacent to the window. For me it was the best seat in class as the picturesque views of the cedar (deodar) forest outside the class window on a foggy day were making beautiful Mother Nature appear at its best apart from helping me survive the class. It was really hard to stray your eyes away from it. 

I wanted to fall in love with Mother Nature, to go into the wild and have a stroll in those beautiful pathless woods. I could relate to some lines by Mr. Robert Frost like never before… of course with my personal touch!

The woods were lovely, dark, and deep, but unfortunately I had a attendance sheet to keep, and numerous assignments to complete before I sleep, before I sleep.”

Unfortunately I had to pay attention to Mr. Deewakar Nath Nanda.  By the way, Mr. Deewakar Nath Nanda was our accounts Professor. With a 1970 style suit and a French beard he was a fashion designer’s ultimate nightmare. He was about 60 years of age and still going strong with his highly boring, arid, monotonous and mind-numbing accounts equations. Adding to the torture were his numerous case studies which he kept in a briefcase popularly known as “Pandora’s box”.  Like a true MBA mentor, he was the one who could even make the simplest things sound as complicated as rocket science, just to show off his worthless worth. For most of us he was like a cloud -  the moment he disappeared, the day all of a sudden looked brighter.

Every word from his mouth seemed like a bouncer from Bret lee, to a tail ender batting for the very first time. People from non commerce background were having a very bad time in playing the strings of accounts. 

Despite the boring class, breeze blowing directly from the window on to my face was yelling at my sixth sense that there was something very special about that day, maybe it was the day of some miracle, which eventually did happen.

Knock Knock”…  Prof. Deewakar Nath went ahead to open the door. I couldn’t see anyone, but I could hear a voice that seemed as sweet as honey, “Good Morning Sir, is this MBA 1st semester?” “Yes it is!” replied Prof. Nath. The tragic face of Mr. Deewakar Nath had all of a sudden lit up with an idiotic smile. My thoughts… “Bloody chameleon, ladki dekh ke kaise daant dikha raha hai!” I wanted to curse him even more, but, the very next moment I actually started relating with his feelings while he was getting the honor to welcome the most beautiful student he might have had in his 40 years teaching career.

Sorry Mother Nature, but I HAVE to take my words back… You are good but she is the prettiest thing ever manufactured by God! None of us could pull off our eyes away from the lady in a shimmering white Patiala suit. She walked into the class so gracefully that she appeared to float rather than walk… Seemingly unaware of the effect her presence had on everybody present. An unearthly chill fell upon the room as she entered. All voices fell silent and all movements paused, as if time itself did not dare to continue its perpetual journey in the presence of such a breathtaking beauty. For the very first time in IBS’s history, Mr Deewakar Nath lost his train of thoughts. To my fortune I could witness God’s most beautiful angel face to face. I was deeply, madly and truly in love at the first sight with the lady in the white. For a few moments I even imagined myself romancing with her in the Swiss Alps with some Yash Chopra kind of music playing in the background. Unfortunately Baba ji sitting next to me (and don’t know how many others) was also bewitched by the beauty and he too was in love with her at the first glimpse. 

Before I could regain consciousness, Baba Ji whispered in my ear – “Bro, how can someone be so beautiful, her beauty can even beat the girls from Hollywood, I am already in love”. “Me too” was all that I could say with a forced chuckle. I can’t explain the feelings in words but as far as I can remember, from the first instant, my heart was entrapped in her irrespirable magnetism. For me there stood no hope of escape. All my heart wanted was to cry the tears of ecstasy.

It wasn’t just Baba Ji and me but something similar was happening with the old man Deewakar Nath too. It was clearly visible on his face that he wished to get back in time to become twenty something for her.

Gosh, it wasn't only prettiness - it was much more than that, the unmatched splendor she brought was just breathtaking. Although describing her beauty is beyond words, but I am not going to quit without giving it a try:

She seems like a queen, high and regal, with a strange air of mystery around her, her beauty couldn't help but add more mystery to her splendor. No doubt she appears to be an apt personification of the phrase “Angels descending from the heavens and gracing the Earth”.  Her beautiful and big coal-black eyes were like pools of darkness. To look into those eyes was to teeter on the edge of an abyss because when she fixed that magical gaze upon her prey, they knew they were in danger of falling in an ocean as deep as pacific, and rescue is far away from impossible. Her face looks somewhat luminous like a perfect porcelain face; her skin is as white as milk.  Her Figure looks ideal, that every girl desires to have in her dreams; she also looked to be light as a feather. Her nose is a bit big, but even with that, she looks flawless. Her dark long wavy hair cascaded like a waterfall down her back, reaching almost to her waist. They appear to be a dark warm safe place, where I wish to hide. Her red chubby lips look like having been blessed with a natural rose blush. All I want is to plant the biggest kiss in the history, on those beautiful lips. 

The heavenly beauty was known to the world by the name Megha Sharma and belonged to Dharamshala  a beautiful hill station situated in the mighty Himalayas. For rest of the details I need to access her facebook account…
To be continued………………..


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